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6 Things I Hate About Traveling

Out of so much joy for leaving your (boring) daily life, there are some downside of traveling. Here are some of the things I hate about it:

Women queuing for security check in King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah

Packing. I once said that sometime it’s absurd to put all your life into a backpack. But you gotta do it. It must fit. I often also say: I must fit the cabin! Array of clothes, underwear, what-to-take beauty stuff, toiletries should be chosen carefully. And when you think your packing regime is done, you keep adding more stuff you thing you’ll need.

Flight Delay. It simply sucks. My worst experience is a 6-hours delay in ultracrowded Polonia Airport in Medan, after holidaying in Lake Toba. Dirty waiting room and toilet added everyone’s misery.

Immigration. I am not fond of being looked at carefully –or even suspiciously. The worst is Jeddah immigration, the guys was too busy sending BBM to maybe his lover. The best is Luang Prabang (Laos) immigration, the lady was so friendly asking a lot of questions cheerfully.

Beep Beep Sound of metal detector that sometimes madly too sensitive. Watch, shoes, glasses, coins, also wired bra. My husband recently did a detour due to a package of Antangin in his pocket.

Titipan (requested souvenirs). I simply don’t like the fact that I have to waste time looking for a bottle of cream, a certain brand of chocolate etc, because somebody requested it.

The thought of where will I get the money to pay for next trip. Planning a trip is my favorite thing to do. But whose credit card I use to pay for it?

The Night before Traveling Home, Mixed Feelings

love to travel. I do. But going back home is always such a relief. Back to my white-bread world. My comfort zone.

But, let’s go one step back. The night before the flight, what will you be doing?

Packing. This time even worse than packing before traveling. Try to re-pack the clothes — or should I say dirty laundry! All clothes become thicker with wrinkle, so it’s almost impossible to pack them tidily.

Add also souvenirs. Scarf for mom, shirt for dad, T-shirts for brothers and sisters, chocolate for colleague, etc.

And you are still wondering why you need more bags?

After finish packing, you lay down in your hotel room. Thinking of many things.

Shit! I have an early meeting on Monday. And those reports… OH my God!

Holiday is over. Please, please, please don’t be over now, I don’t want to go back to work. (But then earth is calling: there will be no holiday without payday — I’m luckily exempted)

Then, you’ll be checking the calendar to see when will you get another holiday. Will the boss give you leave? What excuse you’ll use this time? Where to go? Do you have enough money?

Lastly, you’ll be checking promo tickets from your tablet or smartphone. Me, I missed the latest free seats promo. DUGH!

Packing: The evil side of traveling

Most people do hate packing. I am among those people. I hate packing. The concept of putting the whole house in a backpack or a suitcase is absurd. In the past I managed the packing task just fine — although I still hated it. A two-week trip in a medium-size backpack, a week trip in an overnight backpack.
Now, with the presence of our lovely baby backpacker, packing is nearly a nightmare. A suitcase for clothing, nappies, wet tissues, toys, baby food, bowls and cutlery, and even a pan!
This time is even worst. Adding abon, brambang goreng, tepung beras etc to the suitcase. Pants or shorts? How many pair of socks? A pillow. A baby tub (elephant-shaped). Also a dining chair.
Ooopppps I may as well pretend to forget packing the daddy’s all clothes and necessities.
All fits well. All fits well

*sigh, sigh sigh*