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Ditangkap Polisi di Taj Mahal

Bila ditanya pengalaman yang paling berkesan saat melancong sejauh ini, jawaban saya pastilah ketika bepergian ke India dua tahun yang lalu. Bagaimana tidak, selain menikmati peninggalan sejarah yang luar biasa, berbagai kejadian unik dan tidak terlupakan saya alami. Mulai dari dikejar-kejar supir bajaj, ditangkap polisi, hingga terpaksa semalaman menginap di Stasiun Agra Cant – dan saat itu adalah puncak musim dingin. Ditambah lagi, petualangan tersebut kebetulan terjadi ketika saya mengandung empat bulan. Read more

It's worth the hassle
It’s worth the hassle

The Art of Avoiding Touts in India

Avoiding touts, beggars, street vendors in India is truly an art. It involved me saying “No, thank you!” with a smile, a “No!” with stern eyes – sometimes even scared eyes (oh trust me they are intimidating!). Even sometimes an escape plan is needed because a tout follows you around relentlessly.

Life is tough (taken around Paharganj area)
Life is tough (taken around Paharganj area)

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Diary of A Pregnant Traveller

No, I’m not pregnant again, if you’re wondering! This is a short piece of my and my husband’s journey during the 2010-2011 pregnancy period. We dubbed it as Gembolan Era.  Nggembol is the Javanese term for “bringing something in your pocket. And the pocket should be around tummy area. It may as well carrying something using your T-shirt”. OK, I give up, I lost in translation. Long story short, we called the baby inside my belly “Gembolan”. And he sure has his share of adventure while still in the womb.

This certain piece is not to encourage pregnant women out there to travel. Sure, everything is up to their own judgement – as well as their condition. And sure as hell, their willingness! I share the story so that pregnant ladies are not discouraged to travel. 

Here is the list of short and long trips we’ve taken during the Gembolan Era.

2.5 month at Taman Bunga Nusantara

2.5 month along we went to Kebun Bunga Nusantara in Cibodas West Java. Everything was fine until the returning trip. It was supposed to be a day trip. Coming out from the complex, we were supposed to follow the sign to Jakarta, that leads us to the road we were coming from. Instead, dear husband put his whole trust to the GPS. He worshipped the GPS blindly (owing this sentence to Chairman Mao).

The road was fine until it was not. We had been traveled for kilometers and the road worsened and worsened. It was no longer a paved road. And even the dirt road occasionally only fit one car. Jungle on the left, cliff on the right. And the GPS lost it way. The screen showed that the car was not on any road. It simply in the middle of nowhere.

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One unforgettable night in Agra Cant Station, India

I’m writing this note while breastfeeding my 1-year old son, reminiscing of what have been happening since the day I found out that I was pregnant. Many things have changed. One thing remains: my passion for traveling.

Agra Cant train station: people vs oxygen

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